Water is the origin of all things: there is 92% of water in human blood, 22% in the bones, 75% in the brain, and 75% in the body muscles.

Drinking water is the key to health, good quality water can help keep the doctor away and us healthy.


Water Quality in Canada

The continent of Canada is full of rivers and lakes, abundant in water resources. The rivers in Canada discharge 9% of the world’s freshwater into the ocean, and the country’s freshwater resource is 20% of the world’s. Canada has a total lake area of 7.6%, wetland of 14% and land permanently covered by ice and snow 2%. Canadian water is excellent in quality and ranked No.2 among other developed countries. Outstanding water resources in Canada guarantee a high quality in its bottled waters, its quality is well-known internationally.

Total volume of freshwater discharged into the ocean from Canada per year
Total volume of freshwater resources in Canada
Total lake area in Canada
Total wetland area in Canada
Total area covered by ice and snow in Canada

Canadian Glacial Water

The glaciers accommodate 85% of the world’s fresh water resources, and their water purity is the source of high quality freshwater. The glaciers have taken a total Canadian land up to 200806 square meters. Since British Columbia has a great number of glaciers, it is an ideal source for high quality glacial water.

Sources of WONA Water

WONA glacial spring water is from the glacial area of Chilliwack, British Columbia in Canada. The glacier was formed thousand years ago, the water was preserved by solidification and cryopreservation, and then filtered by the ancient ice field, rock, sand and soil. The water source is surrounded by the wilderness, which is far away from all human activities, it is also one of the few world natural heritages.