Closed Loop Manufacturing

WONA water is obtained from the glaciers, processed and shipped from the place. The whole process is away from any pollution to ensure the water’s purity and high quality. WONA deploys a state-of-the-art bottling technology and equipment, following strict production standard to ensure the products are 100% pure.

Quality Control

The company uses advanced technology to bottle water, there is no preservatives added during the whole production process, and each bottle is packed with recycled materials. Professionals at WONA supervise and test the whole process to ensure the products meet the Canadian as well as the international standards.

Why do you need WONA glacial water?

Away from harmful chemicals

Hydrate and prevent wrinkles, maintain body pH balance

Clean free radicals, maintain cell activities

Provide micronutrients, prevent kidney stone

Low in sodium, suitable for babies, pregnant women and the elderly

Suppress the growth of cancer cells, lower blood glucose level, anit- radiations

Contains no Nitrate, Nitrite and Chloride